PKR is not like other poker sites. Actually it is different in almost every aspect. The biggest difference is the three-dimensional gameplay experience. PKR’s intention is to make the feel of this virtual poker game as “live” as possible. To accomplish this, features like chip tricks and emotions, and the ability to configure your own table character with everything from shoes to tattoos, have been introduced. Also, your hole cards are not shown continuously as in other poker rooms. You see them once, hidden under you palms like you would when plying live poker, and you have to press a button to see them again.

The PKR software has many options, and it demands more from a computer than other poker software. This is one of the reasons why you will probably play lesser hands per hour at PKR, and also why PKR is not recommended if you usually play with many tables at once. You cannot see your own tournament stats, like e.g. how many percentage of the time you folded pre-flop. There is a hand history feature but it’s not very graphic.

PKR stays faithful to its original image when they laid out the structure of their tournaments. Blinds and starting stacks are both bigger than what you will see in most poker rooms, although they stick to normal formats like deep stack tournaments, regular tournaments, speed tournaments, and turbo tournaments.

PKR has also introduced tournament types like ‘Double and triple chance tournaments’ which should be familiar to most, ‘Terminator tournaments’ which is another word for Knockout (KO) tournaments, ‘Phase tournaments’ aka Steps, and ‘Break thru tournaments’ where its payday for one third of the entrants. On top of this PKR arranges other “experimental” tournaments twice a day labeled as “Lab tournaments”. “Lab” is short for laboratory, and the poker room management listens to player feedback and decides what tournament types will proceed from the “Lab” onto the regular tournament schedule. Tournament peak time seems to be on European evenings, and synchronized breaks for tournaments have not yet been introduced.

You are rewarded with PKR points whenever you play tournaments with real money, which is important considering that you are paying more than 10% in tournament rake at some low-stakes tournaments. The rake goes under 10% once you hit the high-roller tournaments, but stays at 10% up to about $100+9. The first deposit bonus gives 100% up to $800 and is released based on these PKR points.

Last but not least, or perhaps least to someone, is the social network now implemented in the poker room. You can add friends, write statuses and send messages just like with Facebook, and you can sign up for tournament leader boards. PKR is licensed by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission and the UK Gambling Commission. American players are not allowed.

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